Dylan and Nathan parents!

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My twin boys started at Rainbow Nursery under Miss Tabita in January 2014. Over 18 months they have really blossomed. Miss Tabita is very warm and understanding with the children, and they all adore her. The nursery under her leadership has been a calm and nurturing place and all the children have a strong sense of working together and supporting each other. My boys have been encouraged to work separately as well as together, to promote their independence. And they have made good academic progress, coming home with a varied range of new skills and knowledge, some of which has been surprisingly advanced. I am sure that Miss Tabita’s new venture will be an excellent example of a Montessori nursery.

Dylan and Nathan parents!

Business Safe Evaluation

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This letter follows my recent visit to your business premises in relation to health and safety compliance and best practice.

The visit was conducted by reviewing key areas in relation to the requirements of Peninsula’s SafeCheck Review.

The Rainbow Montessori is a private school. The premises visited is rented from the Church. The premises are located on 1 level on the ground floor. The premises comprise of Main classroom, stage, kitchen/ staff room, kitchenette, storage room and toilets.

The overall standard of health and safety management appeared to be very satisfactory. There were no actions which fall short of legal compliance and current recommended best practice. Safety records and premises documentation were very well organised and easy to locate and review.

There were very good management arrangements in place and a very strong commitment to meet the health and safety requirements.

I have recommended and nominated you to receive the Peninsula Business Services Ltd Gold Award for achievement. Congratulations and well done.

Should you require any further support or wish to discuss how we can further assist you in achieving health and safety compliance, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or ring our 24 hour Advice Service on 0844 892 2785 (option 1).

I hope you found my visit useful and I would like to thank you for your time and support during the visit.

Yours sincerely,
Tony Reid CMIOSH, PgDip (OSH).
Business Safety Consultant
Peninsula Business Services Ltd
The Peninsula
Victoria Place
M4 4FB

Testimonials – Piya

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Hi there – miss tabita – I was reading Agastya a story last night and then he said to me that he wants to tell me a story about his Rainbow nursery and ms. Simona and miss tabita and all the other teachers. He loves and misses you all. As a parent I noticed the huge difference Rainbow Montessori and specifically you miss tabita made to his development and the foundations of being a thoughtful, well mannered child. I know you are now starting your own school and I wish you all the best and no doubt that you will succeed as you really know what it takes to develop young children. Let me know if you need support in other ways and I will do my best to help out where I can!


Testimonials – Megan

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My son has never been happier than when he is playing and learning with Miss Tabita and Miss Simona, they both have such wonderful, kind spirits which really make the kids feel loved, comfortable and ultimately it develops a wonderful environment for your child to learn and grow in. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Megan ( Sebastian’s mother)

Testimonials – Stephanie and Joshua

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“Miss Tabita taught my daughter for two years, from age 3 to 5. She was incredibly loving and kind with all of the children at the nursery and I always knew what my daughter was learning about because it had a direct impact on her growing vocabulary as well as her overall sense of independence and self-sufficiency. I always felt completely confident in Miss Tabita’s abilities and was delighted when my son was old enough to join the nursery where she is head teacher at age 2.5. He has been there for six happy months now, and while we are sorry Miss Tabita is leaving, we wish her well as she goes off to fulfil her dream of running her own nursery”

Stephanie and Joshua (Maggie and Abraham’s parents)

Testimonials – Josie

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Thank you, Miss Tabita, for being the most caring, nurturing, enthusiastic and wonderful teacher. Josie adores you and it is easy to see why. You exude such warmth and always make students (and parents) feel so comfortable, and valued. Your care and compassion for your students is truly commendable. Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and patience this year. You have been such a positive influence on Josie. We have seen her grow in leaps and bounds since she started with you in the nursery. She is growing into a polite, inquisitive, confident, and thoughtful little girl and you have had so much to do with that. We wish you all the best as you begin your new adventure, and continue to inspire young minds. Your new students don’t know just how lucky they are.

Josie’s parents

Testimonials – Alexy and Richard

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“We were very happy with Miss Tabita’s leadership of the nursery school. She is very experienced, and loving and fun towards the children. Our son has benefitted from her understanding style and we like that she is very perceptive of each child’s individual needs. We would highly recommend her, wish her well for the future and will miss her!”

Best wishes and see you tomorrow at nursery school

Alexy and Richard (Felix’s parents)