Activities of everyday living

This are the activities that the child observes every day and probably tries to imitate, simple actions like getting dressed, un-dressed, pouring a drink, etc.

The focus is on the:

  • classroom rules
  • personal hygiene
  • essential classroom routines
  • activities to develop and refine manipulative skills like pouring, transferring, opening and closing, cutting, threading, sewing
  • classroom skills
  • cooking skills
  • walking on the line
  • silence game
  • activities for care of self like dressing activities, dressing frames, personal hygiene, grace and courtesy, meal times
  • activities for the care of the environment like polishing, looking after the classroom, looking after plants and animals.

Sensorial activities.

Activities to develop visual discrimination of dimension and colour:

  • knobbed cylinder
  • pink tower
  • long rods
  • knobbles cylinders
  • colour box 1, 2 and 3.

Activities to refine the tactile sense:

  • touch boards
  • touch pairing tablets.

Activities to refine baric and thermic sense:

  • baric tablets
  • thermic tablets

Activities to refine sense of sound:

  •  sound boxes
  •  Montessori bells.

Activities to refine sense of smell and taste

Activities to refine the stereo gnostic sense:

  •  geometric solids
  •  stereognostic activities

Activities to refine the kinaesthetic sense:

  • presentation tray
  • geometric cabinet
  • geometric cabinet and cards

Activities for exploration of patterns:

  • constructive triangles
  • tessellations
  • fractions

Introduction to algebra:

  • binominal cube
  • trinominal cube


Introduction to children literature:

  • the book corner
  • types of books
  • book readings
  • oral storytelling

Introduction to literacy:

  • what is phonics?
  • what are the 44 phonemes?

Language games


  • insets of design
  • sandpaper letters
  • writing direction
  • large moveable alphabet

Early literacy:

  • Pink box 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • pink picture card
  • pink reading lists
  • sight words
  • pink phrase strips
  • capital letters
  • pink sentences strips
  • pink level reading books
  • blue box 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • blue picture card
  • blue reading lists
  • sight words
  • blue phrase strips
  • blue sentence strips
  • blue level reading books

Numeracy and arithmetic.

Recognition, counting, sequencing of quantity and symbol to 10

  • large number rods
  • sandpaper numerals
  • large number rods and cards
  • spindle box
  • cards and counters
  • introduction to the short bead stairs

Golden bead material

  • teaching the name of the quantities
  • counting through the quantities
  • beads practice
  • naming the symbols-large number cards
  • counting through the symbols
  • practice with the symbols
  • combining quantities with symbols
  • combining quantity and symbols in sequence

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Exploration of the environment:

  • care of plants and animals
  • outings
  • Importance of the sun


  • the sun game
  • animal families
  • terminology cards
  • life cycles
  • natural habitats
  • leaf cabinet
  • classification of the phylum Chordata


  • the solar system
  • structure of the Earth
  • volcano
  • land, water and air jars
  • land and water forms
  • land and water globe
  • transition to flat maps
  • puzzle map of the world
  • continent artefacts and folders
  • animals of the world
  • mapping game


  • concept of time
  • prehistoric time line


  • animate and inanimate
  • floating and sinking
  • exploring magnets


  • the visual arts, art and craft, music and movement, role-play, planning an art project.

Physical education to develop and refine fine and gross motor skills, sense of space, muscles, balance and concentration.