Tabita Gutu – Principal

Tabita Gutu
Tabita Gutu

Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy( 2 ½ to 6 years old).

Over 11 years’ experience with children, starting as a babysitter, nanny and then moving to Nursery Classroom Assistant. First heard about Montessori in 2006 when she started to work in a Montessori class and also started her study to become a Montessori qualified teacher. Never left the Montessori classroom since then.

Her own child benefited from the Montessori Education and strongly believe that Montessori children do better in life than children with traditional education.

Throughout the years, Ms Tabita has trained and attended all relevant courses to her role as a Montessori Directresses and Montessori Head Teacher, and beyond.

The idea of opening a Montessori school started as a little seed in 2007, when she planned to open a school in her home country, Romania, but family and friends and her own children Education keep her here. After realising the facts, Ms Tabita have decided that it was time for Bluebell Montessori School to be opened.

Within her personal life she is a Published Author, book title, Wife for sale, (see website for details:

As writing is her hobby she plans to have more books published covering different subjects and also books for Children.

Mother of two beautiful boys, 11 and respective 6 years old, Ms Tabita has made a passion about providing the best for the children in her care, she is happy to learn from children and also share her experience with them.