Our fees

Deposit of £350 (refundable if we receive written notice three months in advance of your child leaving Bluebell Montessori School) is required to pay upfront to secure your child place, and £75 admin fee, non-refundable.

Payment option: parents/carers/customers can pay £5 per hour for every extra hour that they would like to book over the AM, PM and SD session.
Also we offer 10% discount for second sibling, and 5% discount for the third sibling.
We offer 5% discount for every referral of a friend you make and they enrol their child with us.
Also the school is registered for the Nursery Educational grant (NEG) for 2years old, 3 years old and 4 years old. Please enquire with your application.
Fees are subject to change, please check our website for accurate sums.
Cheques should be made payable to Bluebell Montessori School.

Fees payable for children aged 2-3 years old.


AM session (8am to 12noon) -£24
PM session (12noon to 4pm)-£24
SD session (9am to 3pm)-£36
FD session (8am to 6pm)-£60

AM session-£120
PM session-£120
SD session-£180
FD session £300

AM session-£480
PM session-£480
SD session-£720
FD session-£1200

Fees for 2-3 years olds are different from 3-5 years old, as per Government guidelines, ratio wise there should be 1 adult per 4 children, (3-5 years old 1 adult per 8 children). The fees reflect the adults required and the quality of the services provided at Bluebell Montessori School.

Fees payable for children aged 3-5 years old.


AM session-£20
PM session-£20
SD session-£30
FD session-£50

AM session-£100
PM session-£100
SD session-£150
FD session-£250

AM session-£400
PM session-£400
SD session-£600
FD session-£1000

AM- ante meridian- before midday
PM- post meridian- after midday
SD- school day
FD- full day